Premise vs. Hosted Time Bank

When deciding which deployment of Time Bank works best for your organization you will need to consider your specific business and technical strategies.  To help you with this “cloud” vs.  “on premise” evaluation, below are some criteria you can factor into your decision.

 On Premise Time BankCloud/Hosted Time Bank
HardwareYour organization owns and maintains the hardware that Time Bank is installed on.IDI data center* is responsible for maintaining, managing, repairing and upgrading all of the hardware that Time Bank is installed on.
Hardware RiskYour organization assumes all riskIDI data center
Time Bank UpgradesYou contact IDI to request upgrades. IDI works with your IT group to assist during the upgrade installation and testing processIDI controls the upgrade schedule and manages the Time Bank upgrades for you. You are contacted anytime an upgrade is to be applied to your instance of Time Bank.
Disaster RecoveryCustomer must put their disaster recovery plan in place to ensure environment where Time Bank installed is protected.IDI data center manages disaster recovery plans in place and has redundant data centers.
Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)Keeping the system up and running is customer’s responsibility.IDI data center guarantees 99%+ uptime
Internal IT SupportRequires Internal IT support to maintain hardware, Time Bank software, disaster recovery and to perform upgrades, as well as support and maintain desktop and laptop software for accessing the system.Requires little or no IT support. User accesses Time Bank by accessing website (client dedicated URL).
SecuritySecurity is client responsibilityIDI can provide data center security credentials or other information to illustrate highest commitment to data security.

* Time Bank Online is hosted by IDI’s partner Online Tech Inc.