GrantAlytics: Budgeting and Management for Nonprofits & Other Grant-Based Organizations

Focus on your mission, not on spreadsheets

Your complicated spreadsheet system won’t let you

  • Create and display an accurate accounting of time and dollars spent on each grant
  • Provide funding updates at a moment’s notice
  • Quickly and confidently prepare for audits

It’s time to get back to supporting your mission and being confident in your reporting. GrantAlytics, a web-based grant budgeting and management solution, gives you complete visibility and immediate insights to maximize the usage and effectiveness of your funds.

GrantAlytics is the only grant budgeting and management solution for grant-based organizations that integrates seamlessly with your current time and payroll systems data.

Unparalleled funding management

Dashboard data lets you quickly gain clarity on how your grants are performing—and why—with actual data, not estimates.

Immediately view budget and grant management across all grants, by individual grants, and by employee.  Accurate data and projections equip you to knowledgeably improve the effectiveness of your grants to optimize your mission.

GrantAlytics lets you…

  • Manage your grants proactively with accurate forecasting information
  • Deliver reports to your funding sources on time and with confidence
  • Gain better visibility and insight across all of your funded projects
  • Save time, money, and effort on audits
  • Be always ready to provide ad hoc reporting and grant status updates
  • Gain peace of mind that your grants are performing against budget

Free yourself and change the world

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