Eliminate the Stress of Time Management with Quick Time Entry

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Each pay period, thousands of companies renew the perennial struggle of gathering paper or spreadsheet-based timecards from their employees. Once they get the timesheets, a payroll admin has to work against the clock to enter the information into payroll—often doing a lot of manual calculations to properly assign jobs or rates.

The work is complicated and messy, and there are no guarantees after it’s submitted that the work is free of errors.

But what if the payroll process could be quick, easy, and straightforward?

Time Management Made Easy

IDI proudly announces Quick Time Entry—a web-based solution for taking the pain out of timesheet management.

Quick Time Entry is designed for businesses that dread the time management process but don’t need the overhead of a full time-and-attendance system. It’s an easy-to-learn application that simplifies and speeds up your time entry and spreadsheet management process.



The application streamlines your payroll processes with several features designed especially for organizations with employees at job sites or personnel who work on similar projects each pay cycle. Organizations that benefit most from the solution include construction or other field-based companies as well as engineering, non-profit, home healthcare, and other project-based firms.

Quick Time Entry eliminates manual calculations, automatically validates your codes, and enforces your business rules. With Quick Time Entry, you can:

  • Enter hours with just a couple clicks.
  • Track time for Certified Payroll or for reporting to your funding sources.
  • Quickly copy timesheets for the whole crew or specific individuals.
  • Save time by carrying forward the last pay period’s timesheet.
  • Export results to payroll.

Want to learn more? Watch this short video.

So eliminate the stress of timesheet management and boost your confidence in your payroll accuracy. With Quick Time Entry, you’ll get back to your core business fast.

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