How to Be the Person Your Sales Prospects Can’t Live Without

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According to recent research, 75% of sales representatives have a hard time executing. It can be challenging to close a sale. Establishing trust doesn’t come easily, and often customers don’t even realize their own problems.

That’s no less the case for human capital management companies trying to sell to businesses that have been getting by with their current systems and processes for years.

To effectively close a sale, you need to become indispensable to your customers. And that comes by presenting yourself as a consultant, not a sales rep.

3 Keys to Becoming Indispensable to Your Prospects

Don’t talk about the benefits of your product.

Your prospects aren’t interested in the benefits or features of your solution, they’re interested in meeting their goals and solving their problems. Instead, take a consultative approach that challenges your prospects to review all of their processes and system needs. Are they aligned with their company goals? What’s failing them? Why isn’t it working? What are they doing manually or in spreadsheets today that are a pain point and risk for them?

Educate, educate, educate.

Focus on educating your prospect on their market. Education builds rapport and trust, and helps your customer to see how urgent their needs really are.

  • Rely on solid market research with numbers to back up your position.
  • Ask questions that create urgency.
  • Create a dialog in which your customer is now asking you questions and seeking your expertise.
  • Do NOT offer a solution at this point.

Invest in their bottom line before your own.

Every one of your prospects wants to increase their bottom line. Don’t just talk about how you can do that — show them.

Do a financial review of your prospect’s business to identify precisely where you can impact their bottom line and by how much. Look for creative ways to provide cost savings that your prospect wouldn’t think of on their own. For example, automation helps reduce fines and retain talent with easy-to-use software. Unique selling points like this help you stand out from competitors.

Most Valuable Partner

When your prospects see that you’re there to help them become more successful, they’ll start to see you as an indispensable business partner — not an interruption to their work. They’ll begin to ask you questions and look to you for counsel. How can you solve these other problems they’re facing? Would you recommend implementing this solution?

Once your prospect clearly sees how their system is holding them back from their goals, you can start to introduce a solution that directly addresses the issue.

You’ll be the person your prospects can’t live without.

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