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HR Article Roundup—October 13, 2015


Human Resources and payroll news

Department of Labor payroll regulations are constantly changing, and your organization can become noncompliant in a heartbeat. We’ll help you keep up with the latest news and developments in the Human Resources world. Check out these latest articles.

Oakland Labor Lawyer: Tech Companies Are Next Targets for Overtime Pay Cases

Via San Francisco Business Times. An Oakland, CA, lawyer who just won a $36M settlement from Bank of America says that small businesses, tech companies, and employers in the sharing economy should watch their backs—they’re being targeted for overtime-related lawsuits.

Yet Another Contractor Classification Test You Need to Know

Via HR Morning. The Department of Labor recently published a letter that aimed to tell employers exactly how to determine if someone was an employee or an independent contractor. But it turns out that it’s not as simple as that. The IRS and NLRB have their tests as well. Find the details here.

Video: Bitwage & the Future of Payroll Using Bitcoin

Via YouTube. Bitwage has created a payroll system that allows employers to pay in Bitcoin currency. It’s designed to make it easier for companies to hire a global workforce by reducing the costs and complications of international money transfer.

Buffalo Wild Wings Owners Agree to $1.8M Minimum Wage Settlement

Via MLive. A chain of restaurants in Michigan and Illinois violated state laws by using tipped employees to perform non-tipped work for less than minimum wage. This is an all-too-common practice in the restaurant industry, but it also has implications for companies where workers are paid based on job duties, seniority, union regulations, and other factors.

Cardinal FLSA Sin Costs Employer $18.l3M in Overtime Case

Via HR MorningHalliburton Co. was sued for making all salaried employees exempt from overtime, without considering their pay or job duties. In light of recent legislation that redefines non-exempt employees, it’s critical to ensure your overtime policies are up to date.

New Connecticut Law Makes Wage Infractions More Dangerous

Via HR Hero. The State of Connecticut is sending a clear signal to employers that it’s taking wage violations seriously. Damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees have just skyrocketed under certain circumstances.

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