HR & Payroll Article Roundup: February 4, 2016


There’s a lot going on in the world of Human Resources and Payroll. We’ll help you stay connected and informed with the latest news and developments. This month includes overtime rules you might not expect and new rule proposals you should know about. Plus, an infographic on U.S. presidents’ pay histories.

Take a look at these latest articles.

Proposed Overtime Rule Threatens Nonprofits’ Survival

Via SHRM. The Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule changes could be especially hard on some nonprofits, forcing them to shut down and ending vital services to communities and vulnerable individuals.

Proposed Rule Would Require Employers To Report Pay Based On Gender And Race

Via TLNT. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has proposed a rule that would require certain businesses to provide employee pay information by gender, as well as race and ethnicity, in order to easily identify pay gaps. Find out who will be affected by the rule and what it means for you.

DOL’s Latest Move Will Make You Question Using Staffing Firms

Via HR Morning. The DOL has issued a new Administrator’s Interpretation addressing when two organizations are considered as joint employers, making both organizations responsible for complying with the FLSA. If your company uses a staffing firm, be sure you know how this change will affect you.

One Benefit of Low Revenue: No Federal Overtime

Via Bloomberg BNA. FLSA overtime rules may not apply to your small business under certain circumstances—especially if you have low revenue and operate entirely intrastate.

See No Overtime, Hear No Overtime, Pay No Overtime

Via TLNT. If your employee works overtime and you don’t know about it, are you still required to pay overtime wages? Get the details here.

Infographic: By the Numbers: February 2016

Via Workforce. How many times throughout history has the U.S. president’s pay increased? And how does the president’s income compare to other world leaders?

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