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HR & Payroll Article Roundup: November 3, 2016

businesswoman at a laptop reading the screen

There’s a lot going on in the world of Human Resources and Payroll. We’ll help you stay connected and informed with the latest news and developments. These are a few of the top HR articles we’ve assembled from the last month that address the challenges facing HR and payroll right now. Take a look at the latest HR news.

Reclassified Workers Have Mixed Reactions to New FLSA Overtime Regulations

Via SHRM. HR departments are facing one of the most difficult communications challenges they’ve ever encountered: how to tell salaried workers to keep track of their hours and keep their workweek to 40 hours. How are employees reacting to the news?

How to Tell Your Salaried Employees They Are Now Hourly

Via Some of your salaried employees are about to become hourly employees. How should you tell them? Here’s one suggestion, with frequently asked questions you should expect about the transition.

Jaguar Land Rover Put HR in the Cloud. Here’s What it Learned

Via diginomica. Automaker Jaguar Land Rover recently set out to standardize its HR in the cloud. Here’s what it learned about converging its processes, data, and teams.

HR Technology Has Come a Long Way in Ten Years, and It Hasn’t Even Peaked Yet

Via Forbes. HR technology has evolved dramatically in the last decade, and by all accounts it hasn’t come close to hitting the ceiling yet. Here are two big areas where HR technology has seen the biggest developments.

GAO Wants Better Payroll Data from OPM

Via FCW. The Office of Personnel Management needs to make its payroll and workforce data more reliable and more available for use by other agencies, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

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