Implementing a Payroll Solution Is Easy. Who's Going to Support It?

Implementing an Integration Solution Is Easy but Who’s Going to Support It?

Implementing a Payroll Solution Is Easy. Who's Going to Support It?It’s the afternoon of payroll and you realize your numbers are wrong. Over half of your commissioned employees will be underpaid if you don’t fix the issue. These are the same employees that caused a government audit for non-compliance last year.

Your new time and payroll systems worked during implementation and testing, so what could be the problem?

You hunt down the IT group responsible for the program. They say it wasn’t their program and track down the name of the outside developer you used. You call that company and get a message: “I’m sorry, we are helping other customers today. Please leave your name and we’ll get back to you in 1-2 business days. You are very important to us.”

If you’re lucky, you might have time to manually calculate payroll, but you’ll probably have to go to upper management and Legal to figure out how to resolve the incorrect payroll. Not good.

Dependable Product Support for Your Payroll Systems

At Integrated Design (IDI), we see this situation all too often. A company implements a new time/payroll/HR system and needs an additional solution to meet some of their unique pay policies or business rules. They tried and failed with spreadsheets. They developed a solution in-house or hired a low-cost local developer. The program works initially, but they soon learn that it’s the ongoing support that determines the true value of any solution involving pay checks.

IDI has built a 20+ year business around delivering high-quality integration solutions AND providing responsive, ongoing, lifelong support for our clients. We have an entire team of support specialists that average 5 years supporting our Time Bank™ integration product. These specialists have extensive knowledge of the various time, payroll and HR systems that we complement, and we nurture long-term relationships with industry leaders. Time Bank has a proven group ready to help address all the payroll issues that come up–and we know they do.

Why risk adding stress each pay cycle on the hope that payroll is correct? Wouldn’t you rather ensure that your most important asset—your employees—trust you? Choose a proven company whose sole business is making sure your payroll and other critical data connections are accurate.

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