Time Bank data integration application

Increase Sales by Integrating Employee Data Applications

Time Bank data integration applicationAre you offering partial solutions to your customers?

Every pay cycle, your customers manually enter employee data from multiple disconnected systems. They use complex spreadsheets to make calculations and adjustments for payroll, compliance and financials. This not only takes up valuable time, it poses the risk of human error. When your system requires customers to do time-consuming and tedious work, it feels like only a partial solution. Time Bank helps make your solution complete.

What Is Time Bank?

Time Bank is a data integration application that extends your product by connecting your system(s) to other employee data applications and automating client-specific pay policies. Time Bank integrates multiple human capital management systems such as payroll, HR, accounting packages, or time and attendance. On a scheduled basis or with a single click, the application collects data from the source system; automatically applies a client’s business rules, mappings or other logic; and transfers the results to the target system. Time Bank integrates with more than 250 different systems and accommodates data exchange with web services, APIs, database integration, XML and ASCII-based files. Time Bank can be deployed as a hosted or premise-installed application.

How Can Time Bank Help Increase My Sales?

Companies with complex payrolls are looking for employee data systems that relieve the burden of manual calculations and time-consuming adjustments. With Time Bank’s integration and automation capabilities, you can provide the full solution your customers are looking for.

“IDI gave us the technological solution that we needed for automating our unique tip pooling policy. The process is simple, efficient, and reliable. I highly recommend the Time Bank solution to those who have similar payroll complexities.” – Jackie Reed, California Controller, T S Restaurants

Time Bank is targeted at specific industries that have business and technical needs that aren’t commonly available in packaged workforce management systems. Partnering with IDI provides you with a unique competitive advantage that many other labor management systems can’t match. By partnering with IDI and taking advantage of our expertise, you improve the likelihood that your product’s implementation is going to be successfully installed on time. We handle the critical integration work, which ensures that the customer doesn’t delay installation or get frustrated with complications during setup. Once live, IDI partners with your support team to make sure the client’s solution works, ongoing.

Could We Develop a Similar Solution?

We often hear the question, “Can’t we just build this ourselves?” Time Bank is a mature, reliable integration system. It has a proven track record of over 25 years of development and 25,000 installations. Our technical staff is dedicated to continuously staying current on system version changes in the industry. Our decades of experience have enabled us to develop powerful functions to automate processes for market segments that require specific capabilities, including:

  • Overtime calculations
  • Piece rate calculations
  • Allocating employee time/earnings to projects, grants, funds, etc. by percentages
  • Bonus calculations
  • Complex accruals logic

Partnering with IDI saves you the expensive effort of developing, debugging and maintaining your own home-grown solution. With Time Bank, you free up your business-critical resources and have no customer support responsibilities.

What Do I Do Next?