Success Story: Classic Rehabilitation Saves a Day of Payroll Work

Success Story: Classic Rehabilitation Saves a Day of Payroll Work

Classic Rehabilitation Success Story: Classic Rehabilitation Saves a Day of Payroll Workprovides home and community-based therapeutic services in New Jersey to children, teens and adults who have developmental and physical disabilities. Since 1997, Classic Rehabilitation has shared their knowledge and experience with therapists from around the country, raising the bar on professional standards and facilitating the growth of aspiring therapists in a diverse array of settings.

Coping with Compensation Calculations

Classic Rehabilitation staff includes clinicians and therapists of various disciplines. Many employees are compensated with a unique multi-tier bonus policy. This incentive policy factors in the type of clinician work performed, the number of hours worked and employee-specific thresholds for different bonus levels. With multiple employee groups, employee-specific bonus tiers, simultaneous projects and types of service, managing this policy was manually intensive and required several hours per week to process payroll.

IDI consulted with Classic Rehabilitation to understand their policies, issues, practices, and technical and business needs. A comprehensive solution was proposed that automated their timekeeping, payroll and bonus policies while eliminating manual reconciliation calculations and tedious, error-prone duplicate data entry.

Automated Integration Therapy

IDI’s Time Bank™ integration solution was configured with logic and user-maintainable reference tables for managing several factors, including:

  • Determining which employees were eligible for bonuses and how many hours were worked in the pay period.
  • Identifying the earnings codes that qualify as bonus-eligible hours.
  • Assigning the proper employee-specific bonus amounts based on hours worked and their associated tier structure.

Now, with just a click of a button each week, Time Bank extracts the employee time and labor data, applies the bonus rules, and automatically uploads the results into the payroll system. The employee-specific bonuses can then be reviewed, reported on and processed to payroll.

Payroll Integration Pays Off

“Considering the complex calculations [Classic Rehabilitation] had, without IDI we would never have been able to automate their unique pay policies,” the payroll system consultant said. “IDI was great from start to finish and ultimately we were able to save the client almost a day’s work every time they ran payroll.”

Next Steps

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