Success Story: Restaurant Adds Integrated Tip Allocation to the Menu

Success Story: Restaurant Adds Integrated Tip Allocation to the Menu

T S Restaurants
 Success Story: Restaurant Adds Integrated Tip Allocation to the Menuis a family of restaurants with spectacular waterfront sites in Hawaii and California. The management and staff are passionate about providing enthusiastic service, fresh seafood and great steaks in a casual atmosphere. They’re committed to making each patron a long-lasting loyal customer and friend.

Whether it’s enjoying a sunset dinner on the shores of Maui, feasting on fresh seafood in Del Mar or catching an aprés ski drink in Tahoe, each restaurant offers a unique experience filled with warmth and hospitality.

Manual Tip Allocation Leaves a Bitter Taste

T S Restaurants’ five California locations use the Aloha point-of-sale (POS) system to capture employee hours, job transfers and tip information. Managers at each location were tasked with manually re-keying tip data into a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to calculate their tip allocation (“pooling”) policy. Since employees frequently transfer into different jobs during the pay period, it was an enormous task to properly apply the employee-and job-specific tip earnings required for payroll accuracy and tax compliance. After manually entering the tip data, the manager would have to send the hours reports and tip spreadsheets to T S Restaurants’ corporate payroll team for manual entry into payroll.

IDI and one of our partners consulted with T S Restaurants to understand their business and technical issues, and to provide an integrated solution to automate their complex pay policies.

Time Bank Integration Joins the Menu

Based on their business needs, we determined that our Time Bank integration solution was the right option for T S Restaurants as part of their overall payroll implementation.

Time Bank was configured specific to T S Restaurants’ needs, and it was installed to provide an automated interface between Aloha and the payroll system. Time Bank provided the restaurants with the following capabilities:

  • Tip allocation logic. Time Bank’s flexible rules engine was configured to meet complex tip allocation requirements. Configurable tools allow each restaurant to maintain job-specific tip percentages.
  • Integration with payroll. After processing the employee hours and tip earnings, Time Bank applies other mapping rules, translations and reformatting to export the data in the exact format of T S Restaurants’ payroll system.

Compliments to the Chef

The integrated solution has been in place for over five years and T S Restaurants receives free upgrades whenever their payroll or Aloha versions change. They couldn’t be happier with the integrated system.

“IDI gave us the technological solution that we needed,” said Jackie Reed, California Controller for T S Restaurants. “The process is simple, efficient and reliable. I highly recommend the Time Bank solution to those who have similar payroll complexities.”

Next Steps

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